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De Marcy Decor is a leading supplier of bespoke home furniture and decor. 
From beautiful appointed headboards, to exquisite rugs and wall art pieces, 
De Marcy Decor Online is the ultimate choice for your home decor pieces. 

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De Marcy Decor

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De Marcy Decor is a leading supplier of bespoke home decor. From unique wall art pieces, to beautiful planters, our unique decor pieces will help add warmth and love into your home. 

Inspired by the unique Scandinavian design principles, our distinctive furniture pieces are authentic and unique, creating a timeless home for the discerning homeowner.

Locally Sourced Pieces

At De Marcy Decor, we believe in uplifting and supporting our local community and small businesses. That's why we ensure that all items are sourced from local artisans, relying on a local labour market and supply chain for our beautiful unique items. This ensures support for our local communities and customers. Many of the unique furniture items stocked on the De Marcy Online Store are handmade by South African artisans, who place an extensive amount of time and effort into each furniture piece, creating a unique item. 

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