Open Cube Side Table
Open Cube Side Table
Open Cube Side Table

Open Cube Side Table

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White sprayed 16mm MDF open cube with shelf on brushed stainless steel legs.

This side table is available to order in a variety of spray colour options. Please email to enquire.

Size: L: 400 x D: 300 x H: 600mm

Colours: White, Grey & Black


Protection from heat, moisture and UV exposure is crucial to the longevity of your furniture.  To help prevent scratches, use adhesive felt pads, coasters, placemats and avoid sliding objects across the surface of the piece when possible.


Dry moisture or liquids immediately.
Direct contact with pens, rubber, candle wax, wine, food or any perfumed product will leave a stain and damage most furniture surfaces.
Wood may expand and contract with seasonal variances. Maintain constant humidity levels to prevent warping or cracking.
Air, artificial light and UV will over time change the natural colour of wood and sprayed surfaces.
Rotate items on any surface for uniform ageing and colour development.
Lighter woods tend to yellow and dark woods lighten with age.
Do not drag furniture that has legs as they may crack or break off if on tiled or uneven floors.

Delivery lead time is currently 5-6 weeks - Once your order has been placed we will contact you. 

Last orders will be taken on the 14th of November 2020 for 2020 delivery. Orders placed after the 14th of November will be delivered in January 2021. For more information contact us on 076 065 2110 or 

Open Cube Side Table