Talita Side Table - Three Sizes

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Rattan, Bamboo & plywood combination

DIMENSIONS: Large 620 (L) x 620 (W) x 530 (H) - WEIGHT: 3kg

DIMENSIONS: Medium 480 (L) x 480 (W) x 470 (H) - WEIGHT: 2kg

DIMENSIONS: Small 360 (L) x 360 (W) x 400 (H) - WEIGHT:1kg

CARE: Rattan & Cane
Keep rattan chairs and furniture away from extreme heat situations and areas with low humidity. These conditions could cause the cane to dry out and become brittle and break. Also direct sunlight or high heat areas should be avoided. Consider using a humidifier in the winter which can be especially helpful to keep the air moist and not too dry. Using a high-oil content furniture polish product when you dust helps to keep the cane supple and prevent brittle breakages

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